Rules & Terms

Every team is guaranteed at least 4 games

All Games are to 14 points (by 1′s and 2′s-You must win by 2)

Saturday Sept 15th Each team will play 2 Games

These games are to determine seeding for Sunday. Beating a team by a larger margin of points will help your seeding as ties in team records should be expected.

Sunday Sept 16th -Double Elimination Tournament to Determine the Champion

Strict Dunk at your Own Risk Policy  (You will pay for a new Rim)

That’s cool that you can dunk….I am seriously jealous of you because I did actually used to be able to dunk….barely. Here’s the deal, I’m not just hating on the fact that you can dunk and I can’t.  Those rims are my responsibility and sadly they are easily damaged.

So since those rims are my responsibility I am taking that responsibility and placing it on YOU… There is a waiver that everyone will sign and in that waiver it will explain that you are dunking at your own risk. Meaning you can dunk on that rim but if you end up messing up the hoop you will be held liable for fixing it and I don’t think those things come cheap.

No Alcohol-It sucks but it’s a rule (You can drink on the beach and that is 3 blocks away)

No Fighting-If you Fight I will punch you in the face and kick you out. Seriously though, I know things can get competitive on the court and some of us are wired to believe that winning isn’t everything….it’s the only thing but if you take that quote so literally that you end cheating and/or getting in a physical altercation then you will be kicked out of the general area and your team will be disqualified.  Thus making your team a bunch of losers and you a jack wagon for starting a fight.

Cussing-Look were all adults here and no I do not really have a problem with cussing. In fact I should probably do less of it but here’s the deal…there is a playground right by the court and there may be some kids over there so lets not get blamed for teaching johnny and sally the word bull shit as you miss yet another layup. 

Injuries- At this stage in your life you know basketball is sport that requires exerting yourself in a physical manner that may result in injuries. You would probably agree that it would be extremely rude or downright ridiculous to sue the organizer of a charity basketball tournament for injuries related to playing basketball…but so is winning a lawsuit for spilling hot coffee on themselves. 

Just so we are perfectly clear…. I, nor the City of Folly Beach are responsible for any injuries that may happen while you play in this tournament.